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Saugerties Democratic Committee

Ulster County Democratic Women

Ulster County Young Democrats

Eleanor’s Legacy

Citizen Action!

New York Progressive Action Network

Saugerties Democratic Committee
Ulster County Democratic Women
Ulster County Young Democrats

VOTE!   November 2, 2021


What I’m about

I love Saugerties because of our strong sense of community, our connection to our land and water, and the hard working people, welcoming small businesses, and incredible artists.  My husband Josh and I love our neighbors like family, and we are here to serve the Saugerties community and protect our environment for the long run.

In my job at the New York State Assembly, I work on statewide legislation, budget, and strategy for the Health Committee Chair, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried.  I work every day on improving our healthcare system, reducing racial and economic disparities in it, and protecting vulnerable people and the environment throughout New York State. The most important (and enjoyable!) part of my day is listening to people with diverse needs, perspectives, and ideas, and working on solutions to address those needs with compassion.

My guiding principle is to do the most good for the most people.  I am here to help Saugerties make smart choices as we create an ever brighter future together.

Outside work, you can often find me hiking & kayaking, cleaning up trails & water, working on our house, chaperoning kids on nature excursions, knitting, lost in a book, writing haiku, or stargazing.

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Our land and water are sacred, and we need to work together within Saugerties and with surrounding communities to protect the Esopus from invasive species, Ashokan runoff, and  proposed infrastructure projects; to preserve our forests; promote responsible and respectful trail use; and to continue shifting to clean energy.


We need to think strategically, inclusively, and long-term about graceful and sustainable economic growth.  I support reestablishing our town's Economic Development Committee as a forum for new and established business owners to put their heads together with residents and elected officials. By thinking strategically and working together, we can create a local economy that creates good paying jobs and truly supports all of our residents for a bright future.


Saugerties is a growing tourist destination, but first and foremost, it is home to nearly 20,000 Saugertesians. We need to carefully consider our regulatory and zoning decisions to support a future built on a stable and affordable housing market for all of us and to protect our natural resources and historic sites for future generations. There are many things to consider when it comes to short-term rentals , including a town registry, annual fire and safety inspections, owner residency and number of listings, and most importantly, input from the community.


Zoning impacts every part of the economy, from housing and employment to ecosystem protection.I will take a comprehensive look at our zoning maps, not just considering one project or parcel at a time. I will work to implement the recommendations of our updated Comprehensive Plan, and will seek the input of residents in the evolution of our town's economy, housing, and relationship to our natural resources.


When we have a strong economy built on year-round living-wage jobs and sustainable businesses in place of vacant properties, we can not only maintain infrastructure and services but improve them. We need reliable and affordable broadband internet for everyone. We also need to make sure our sidewalks and bike lanes are safe and accessible.

Transparency & Equity

The best decisions are made with input from the community, and I will continually work to improve making Town meetings, the Town website, and Town documents easily accessible to the public. We need to acknowledge that no one is immune from implicit racial bias or other prejudices, and there is always room for more dialogue, training, and understanding to improve how we all treat each other, regardless of race, nationality, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, or any other trait.

What’s important to you?

I want to hear it, so please reach out!

Email me at kayforsaugerties@gmail.com

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Give me a call at (845) 475-8715

The bottom line

I’m running for Saugerties Town Board because I love Saugerties, and I want to support and protect our community for the long term. I’m committed to improving the quality of our lives, which means protecting our environment, ensuring that people can afford housing and meet their basic needs, attracting and supporting businesses that will provide good jobs, and including all voices in town decisions.

Every Saugertesian deserves to thrive. I hope you will support my campaign, and if you can, please consider donating, sharing my website and social media links, talking about the election with your friends and family, and reaching out to me to find out how your unique skills can help us win this election together. Let’s get to work on a bright future for Saugerties!

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